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Buds Bari.....cont


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I dislike confrontation. Avoid it at all costs. The details previous, though personal, are needeed by way of explanation. Phil Straker, at SAX. CO. UK. has my Beuscher Truetone Bari, Silver Plate. He took this, in the full knowledge of my situation. I cannot say too much, as my lawyer, though finding his attitue apalling....well. SO, in the interest of all, I propose this. The Bari Is In pieces. Colin, At SAX. CO. UK. has made up a bespoke part or two, done some re silvering, and rectified the repairs. MR. straker, has written me, suggesting, that if i dont have four hundred pounds, by the end of October, he will complete restoration, and sell MY HORN. NOOO WAY GRINGO. IS it just me, or are all sax retailers non players these days, and only interested in the MONEy.SO....attention please. I paid over a grand for this horn, based on its tone. Gritty. Would anybody care to take it from Mr. straker, for the said FOUR HUNDRED POUNDS. The one caveat. I would want a project Tenor....for project, read knackered, as part of the deal. As always, i will make a donation to Petes charity. I dont think i need to reiterate, It says it all. Sorry to have had to impart personal information, I needed you all to see the bigger picture.HI to Kev, Jules , And Pete. Only one thing is a given in this uncertain world. I am a horn PLAYER, Iseek peace of mind to do so. This will never change. The Bari is a killer horn. I am sure the good Mr. Straker, would welcome an end to a baaad situation. I am gonna open my pm,s. Will check each coupla daze. Health and happiness. Bud. x

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I don't quite follow this. I think any repairer would have the right to sell a horn after a certain amount of time if repairs aren't paid for.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

However I must say I don't think this is the right forum for discussing legal situations like this, which should remain between the two parties and their legal representatives.

I'll leave the thread open for a little while in case I've completely got the wrong end of the stick and it's about something else but otherwise I'll close the thread so I would ask that we don't all start speculating, I'm just leaving the thread open for parties involved to give some facts.


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I'm certainly not going to get in any way involved in a legal dispute. The only thing I will say is that Phil Straker, as well as running a business, is a sax player himself.
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