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Bristol band


Buckinghamshire, UK
I spent half a day in Bristol recently which happened to be the weekenof the Bristol Harbour Festival 200. This was a two-day event to mark the harbour's 200th anniversary. There were many events, but relevant here they had five stages set up around the harbour with four different music genres and one for dance. We spent some time at the Jazz/World stage and saw a short but excellent set from a band called Keith (or Kevin) and Mike's Groovy Thing. They played great funk jazz. The Mike in the title being a fine alto and bari sax player. I didn't get any other details, but they apparently play regularly in Bristol. Later we moved to the folk stage at the Cascade Steps for a couple of hours. The highlight for me was a band called Spiro who play rhythmic instrumentals based on traditional rhythms. They played at Womad and Glastonbury, apparently. The whole thing seemed to be well-organised and funded. I wish we'd been there for the whole two days.
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