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Morning all

I bought a (suppossedly) Brilhart metal tenor sax mouthpiece on e bay. Does anyone on here no much about them. I love the sound of it; its very bright but looking at the history im not sure whether it is fake or a prototype velvet brass.I dont know why anyone would copy a not so popular mouthpiece particularly as there seems to be lot of work involved. I know Selmer took over production around 1966 and some mouth pieces didnt have serial numbers on them but most i have seen have. The mpc is heavy and has a duckbill and seems really well made the only scribing on it is BRILHART all in capitals and no6. It also looks to new to be old you can see the mill marks. Unsure how to do picks on here but can gladly down /upload some s i would like to know the mouthpiece i have.. eddie
I answered the other tread...I dont think anyone will copy level airs. Too cheap and not extremely popular. Also, I think they are stainless...machining a stainless piece is hard on cutting tools..it just would not pay. The material will last longer than all of us...machining marks in stainless take an eternity to wear. Id be really shocked to see a fake one.
Hi Phil thanks.. it just doesnt look like any brilhart ive seen on line plays great so not complaining. Do you think it could be one of there prototypes i cant get a picture on here for some advise..
does it look like this -


or this -


the first one is the later Level Air made for Brilhart by Runyon (basically a modified Runyon Quantum) and the second one is the original stainless steel one made by Brilhart with the long flat baffle.
Ive never seen the Runyon version...now I have.

The ones I have seen are the bottom picture. A zillion of them lose bite plates. Most get chewed up since brilhart used soft plastic.
does it look like this -

View attachment 12535

or this -

View attachment 12537

the first one is the later Level Air made for Brilhart by Runyon (basically a modified Runyon Quantum) and the second one is the original stainless steel one made by Brilhart with the long flat baffle.

I have both those - four in fact - alto and tenor of the 1990s design and an alto from the late 1960s and tenor from the early 1970s - they all play very well. More flexible and versatile than you would think - check out John Klemmer for tenor or 1970s Dave Sanborn or any Edgar Winter for tenor and alto also Anthony Braxton played an alto one as well.

Greg S.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_E8vCCb07A

Darn its the first one i got all excited coz there is a guy called sirvalorsax on you tube who only uses this mouth piece and swears by it.. He didnt know what it was and thought it may have a velvet brass. it plays great. Thanks for all the info...

I actually posted a comment on one of "sirvalorsax" videos explaining what mouthpiece he had...conduct a search and checkout my comments and information...

Greg S.
Will do.. so not to bad a mpc then.. It seems an easy blow I als have a meyer j6 can't play for squeaking whereas this one seems great.. paid £100 can't argue really.
does anyone know when the Level Air first went into production? Some people have suggested that Ornette Coleman used one on his Grafton plastic alto around the time of 'Shape Of Jazz To Come' but that would mean that they were available in 1959...
Lots of information about and photographs of Brilhart mouthpieces here: Brilhart Mouthpieces | Theo Wanne

But they are a bit vague about the start date for the Level Air, just saying that they were made in the "60s and 70s".

I have original Level Airs and a few other Brilharts for ATB, including Tonalins and Tonalites (the clear plastic ones). I wish he had made a soprano piece too.

Ornette played a Level Air one time for sure . Certainly in the early 60's. I'm not certain of the exact start of production of the very first Carlsbad Level Airs. Early 60's pre the Selmer USA buy out in 1966 is the best guess. I have seen models dated 66 that were post buy out but obviously old stock with the Carlsbad features. Cross mill marks and polished baffle etc.
I'm passionate about Brilharts but they can be confusing. I came across the Brilhart (Tonalin?) Level Air piece in the photo below. What it's made of I know not. I've played metal Level Air Brilharts on alto and tenor since the late 1970s, both Mark 1 and 2s and always bought brande new. The Mark 2s were made of brass unlike the stainless steel Mark 1s. It was always my understanding that the Mark 2s were made by Runyon for Arnold Brilhart after the 10 year curfew by Selmer, who in turn continued making them. The Beechler one's were different. Yet I've seen some Mark 2 style pieces claimed to be 1960s. They're very similar to the Velvet Tones. Although bright, they can produce a very rich centred tone in the right hands. I still use a 7* Mark 2 on my Elkhart tenor and love it. I stopped buying them when they stopped making them, as I don't use, used mouthpieces and needed more open tips as the years progressed. I have the Rico Graftonite and Metalites for SATB with 5 - 9 tips. I use those to demonstrate to students that you can experiment with tip openings and baffle variations at very little cost, thus saving fortunes in making costly errornous purchases. I bought them as back-ups for studio work. The odd thing is, my tenor Graftonite B5 with a rollover baffle is actually louder than the Metalite 7 on both alto and tenor. It says LevelAir on the barrell front.


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