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I recently bought a 60s vintage tenor sax. Someone in the family who sold it played alto and there are some alto reeds in the case. The horn came with three mouthpieces - one is clearly the original tenor and the second is clearly a basic alto mpc.

The third mouthpiece is a stainless steel Brilhart. It is labelled "Designed by Arnold Brilhart" and "10772 4" which I believe is the serial number and tip opening. I'm pretty sure it is an old Level Air.

The mouthpiece fits the tenor neck, but it is very narrow. It will take a tenor reed and play OK, but it is so narrow that a tenor reed sticks out well beyond the rails. Interestingly, an alto reed fits perfectly and plays well, but the mouthpiece is way too large to fit an alto neck - it literally falls off.

The first question is whether it is a tenor mpc or is there something missing to make it fit an alto?

If it is intended as a tenor mpc, did Brilhart intend the old Level Airs to use an alto or tenor reed?

I don't see any reason not to use an alto reed, but it just seems odd.


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Some pics and measurements would be helpful.

Years ago I had a Brihart Level Air. They were a very distinctive mouthpiece with a bright tone. I'm pretty sure I just used tenor reeds on mine, but I do dimly remember them sticking out a bit over the sides. I'd tend to use whatever reed fits best. If an alto reed plays well, use that.

Incidentally, the serieal number on these mouthpieces acts as a date code, showing your to be made in 1972.
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