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I have been playing a really lovely Personaline L5 serial number 15*** that I got a few weeks ago Looks to be plastic. It has the slant scripted Personaline on the top and just the L5 on one side and the serial on the other. Wee bit of gold colour left in the script and numbers.

It has the wood coloured bite plate no made in England and a silver band. Nothing about this particular one in Wannes site?

Any help or insight as to when, where it was made.
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Guess it's white, with a round bite plate.

If so it's a personaline W, although one thinks tonalin.

Could be made in England, or the US. afik, the US ones didn't have a reinforcing band, but the UK ones did. However many have been retro-fitted with bands as the shanks are a little weak and tend to split. These can be repaired, even if split. Watch for leaks at the split, even after a band has been fitted. Makes some of the notes unstable, or it did on mine. These peronalines have a lovely sweet core sound that I really like. I just need to find one that's a bigger tip opening than a 5.

The L prefix means long facing, S for short.

Some of the mouthpieces can be dated from the first 2 letters of the serial number, but not all. Looks like yours can't. Be aware that tip sizes on Brilharts are, at best, nominal and that's before the refacers get to them.

Most of the info online about Brilhart mpcs is here: http://www.saxmundstykker.dk/MPC_Brillys_Intro.html

The guy who runs it is really friendly, and will be interested in the serial number, script and so on to add to his database.
Hey folks,

I´m really looking forward to buy one of those for my alto, but I can´t find it anywhere.

I just hear good things about them.


Hey folks,

I´m really looking forward to buy one of those for my alto, but I can´t find it anywhere.

I just hear good things about them.



They're like hen's teeth, and about as overpriced. Trouble is the US dealers see them, snap them up and then offer them at ridiculous prices on ebay. Tends to push prices out of touch with reality, and also encourages collectors to jump in, which puts a lot less on the market. Same goes for a lot of other older mouthpieces and saxes. MkVI anyone?

I'd love to see someone offer good copies, much in the same way that there are lots of Meyer type pieces around, some of which are really close to the original. .
Thanks Kev. It looks like mine was made between 51 and 54. The long facing makes sense as it plays so well with different reeds. I will have to measure the opening

It plays really well with traditional 2 1/2 strength reeds. Very stable on the palm keys. Matches really well with my embouchure and the Shadow alto.
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