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Bridge over troubled water.

old git

Tremendous Bore
I come from a generation where alongside R & B and Rock 'n' Roll, 'Bridge' was another of the essentials. I owned the original LP, gave that away when the half speed cut LP became available and of course also have it on CD. The disc was one of my favourite tests, during my audiophile period, when hunting down limited available decks, arms, cartridges, amplifiers and speakers.

Last night, I heard the greatest reading of Bridge Over Trouble Water ever.

BBC iPlayer, Radio 4, I'm Sorry, I haven't a Clue.


Try Hard Die Hard
What can I say OG love it myself, it can bring tears to my eyes, not that that's hard to do,tried to play it in my early days on the sax struggled! must try again now I'm a bit more competent.Do yo play it yourself

Young Col

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Scooby doo over troubled water. Hilarious. Jack Dee gets better as well.
Thanks for the reminder, as I was out last night wheezing down the horn.
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