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Brand new soprano sax


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Bargain brand spanking new soprano

Unbranded straight soprano, brand new. Only ever play tested by me – it still had transit corks in and plastic cover on when I got it. It’s a Chinese made sax, of course, surprisingly solidly made. Blows right through the range, with good intonation. Plays really quite well for the money – not as well as the best Chinese sops such as a Bauhaus Walstein, but keep reading for the price. And it’s really pretty good. If you fancy a sop but can’t justify much outlay, this is perfect. Intonation is good, tone good, bright in the modern way, but sound. Comes with sling, cloth, curved and straight necks and a mouthpiece. Now, the mouthpiece is, frankly, crap, so I’ll chuck in a brand new, in box Graftonite, so you have a fully functioning sop ready to go. This makes it a bargain at £125. Try going in to any music shop and asking for a new sop for £125 – you’ll be laughed out of the door.

P & P will be £16, or you can collect from central London for nowt.

PM me your email address for high res pics. I’ll donate 5% of the sale price to Pete’s charity fund.

dave 645

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Shame, sounded great, a new sax that I'd like but don't need, at a price I can justify to my wallet watching wife!

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