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M/Pieces - Ligs Brancher mp on Alto


Hi folks.

I am looking to change my mouthpiece, and have been reading some good recomendations about Brancher HR mouthpieces. Does anyone have any views on them as a mouthpiece for a yas62 ? I am looking for a mellowish, rounded sound, a bit smokey, that type of thing. I currently play on either a vandoren AL4 or an Otto 6, but am not really happy on either as my embouchure has developed. I want a free blowing mp really, and don't find either of my current pieces give me that in the higher register.


Pete Thomas

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I tried a couple, they are good mouthpieces. I tried the wooden ones, but no reason why the HR shouldn't also be OK


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Hi There!

I tried the Brancher L Chamber (HR) on Tenor when I was trying to decide on a new mouthpiece (eventually chose a Francois Louis ML Chamber). I liked it a lot, but decided that it was just too mellow for my needs. As a mellow piece it had real character (I compared it with a LeBayle Jazz HR and a Lomax NY & LA, and marginally preferred the LB Jazz in the mellow stakes, but it was close). I play Brancher Jazz (Metal) on Soprano.

I would certainly recommend that you look at both Brancher L & J chamber pieces, but also the LeBayle Jazz.
Good Luck.

Kind regards


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Don't go for the B chamber if mellow is your objective. I use a J31 for gigging - great peice, but inherently very loud although when you back off, it does have a nice "smoky" touch.


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I have also had the brancher B AND J tenor metal pieces,B is very bright but the J was very rich and fat.I play the J21 soprano brancher model mp and its great,had it a good while now and never even thought of changing it and thats rare for me so would expect the J brancher metal alto mp to be as great as the tenor,soprano mp's.Good price and outstanding in finish.Come with great ligs also.
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