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Tommy Ng

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South Yorkshire

I went to woodwind Exchange and bought a Vandoren Optimum soprano mouthpiece, SL3. I went there with an intention to try Dukoff but i couldn't even produce a sound out of D8. The Dukoff also pretty loose on the cork so i didn't bother to try a closer tip mpc.

The vandoren optimum SL3is so free blowing, much better than my selmer D. I did try SL4 but decided to go for SL3 as it is easier to play (i am lazy >:)).

I am surprise that vandoren only make up to SL4 (equivalent to selmer C**). The guy at woodwind exchange, don't know his name, told me that it is better to stick to close tip Mpc for soprano as it will be difficult to control intonation with wide-tip Mpcs on high register. I learn something new today ;}
Well done Tommy - glad you've got something you can blow comfortably. The Optimum series is designed for Classical players hence small tips are the order of the day. Sensible advice about smaller tips being better for intonation on soprano - hence why I use the ones I do (tend to be equivalent of 6).

As you are probably aware Vandoren do 4 types of soprano mouthpiece.
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I play the V16 with Marca Jazz Reeds which give a nice jazzy sound. The sound will be affected by instrument and mouthpiece, but also it really depends on what sound you want to produce. I have tried V16 mouthpieces on Soprano (S6), Alto (A7m and A9) and on Tenor (T8). I would describe them as having edge but not bright - I'm a fan of them! I couldn't comment on the other Vandoren mouthpieces as I do not like "Bright" and try not to have it as part of my sound palette.

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Hi Tommy!

My household listened to several pieces by Kenny G on YouTube and described all of them as having a "Dark" sound rather than a "Bright" one.. I would describe Jan Garbarek as brighter than Kenny G, and he is not that bright, but has a very pure sound. Obviously this is all subjective.

Hope this helps
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