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Beginner BOTM Nov 2023 " The Snows they melt the soonest"


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Hi all.

I`m a day early. but needs must as I am doing this from the public library. I only have mobile internet which I usually tether to the computers. Unfortunately I am being beset with techy problems at the moment and local construction of housing has meant the Mobile mast being replaced. grrr sketchy internet at home.

My selection for November is the traditional ballad "the snows they melt the soonest". " the snow it melts the soonest".

Famous versions are by Sting , Dick Gaughan and Bully wee, but it`s really a standard all over the UK and Ireland. Some have called the song way too mysoginistic for todays world , but since no vocals are being done it`s no issue, well not for me anyway.

I couldn't have presented this thread without the work of Curator Nigel. We have been spoilt, and if we want to continue the threads we probably will have to a bit more of the spade work in the future perhaps.

It has to also be said that I won`t be hurt if the participation level isn`t great. I get that, and I see the phenomenon all over the internet. Anyway some may enjoy having a go at a song that has never been associated with saxophone , Until Now "Tee Hee"

Here are some resource material and Backing Tracks, "One is a chorus longer" from Nigel and myself. 4/4 version for Bb, Eb and concert C.

3/4 waltz backing track with dodgy lead sheet. Bb only

Also a couple of clips.

Dick Gaughan

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Bully Wee

My 32 year old Spirit Folio Mixing desk just died. Well actually it`s the impossible to find Transformer/power supply. I do intend in providing a rendition ASAP probably on Tenor as I have already posted a Soprano and Tin Whistle version on my Soundclick.

SW snowmelt by Greta Tamosiunaite via flickr.jpg
This acapella version by Anne Briggs has me wanting to make a Sax drone loop to play over the top of. Does anyone here have an idea of what would be the obvious note? I get that I could simply trial and error it or simply look at the key / chord roots. Anyway it's an idea, Any advice.

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It’s in C, so concert C (tenor D, alto A) would be an obvious choice. Otherwise maybe the 5th - concert G (tenor A, alto E).
I posted a WAV file of a drone in D, I did for you guys to practice and record over if you fancy. Its actually a cello an Indian Tanpura Instrument and a sine wave combined. This one is in concert D but was originally C . You can transpose these very easily in any DAW I can think of. I will attempt to do something with it myself soon. It defo has that ethereal kinda vibe to build on, if you feel inclined.
I had a little bash at the drone WAV a few minutes ago. nothing flash ,but I did add an off the cuff Djembe to the mix .My 2nd attempt on a recording. There's no set rhythm, all just kinda jammed out, but I actually like the looseness. The 10 inch Djembe came from the AliExpress for an unbelievable £15
That sounds great. I really like the drone accompaniment.
That sounds great. I really like the drone accompaniment.
Thankyou. Yeah. "Drone Tones". Tee hee , are a very cool little device, particularly with ethnic, world and folky stuff. Though very usable by any genre I would think.

Anyway this post is a simple bump as the month enters the final week . Perhaps it will attract a contribution but if not, "No sweat".
Another quiet month. Where is everybody?

But many thanks to @Clivey for acting as host.
As usual, this thread will remain open after the end of the month, and further recordings are very welcome.
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