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BotM Feb 2020- Smoke gets in your eyes


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Mt very favourite baritone player is the great Ronnie Ross and he recorded a nice version of this month's song on his album "Stompin' with the Ronnie Ross Quartet". I transcribed his solo and then found a piano backing track that worked for me to play with once I sped it up and raised it by a semitone:

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Rhys bari with piano V1.mp3 - Box

If anyone would like to see my transcription it's here: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Ronnie Ross Bari solo V2 - Baritone Sax.pdf - Box


Mark Hancock

I managed to break my collarbone in a stupid snowboarding accident before I got around to making a proper recording, so here's one of my practice sessions recorded on the phone. Sorry about the audio quality.

Looks like I'll be off the saxophone for about 6 weeks :eek: I tried just putting the sax on to practice long tones and intervals (minus right hand) but it did not work at all - too painful. I guess I'll just be doing long tones using the mouthpiece and neck only until the physio says it's ok. That and some extra ear training I guess...

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