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Morning ;
Yeah the Boston sax store have their own brand of reeds which is new to me. I'm unsure as to whether they have just launched them or if they've been around for a while..
Anybody tried them ?
( I use bari : orange box Rico or la voz; no idea why I should be interested.. )


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I received a box of BSS tenor reeds today, 2.5s, and bearing in mind I’ve only tried one, i am finding them, it, to be superb. Great cut, they all look good, solid feel, plenty of depth to the tone and good full tone at the top. If the rest are all as good then I’ll be very happy.

The only down side is the price which is pretty well at the top end. They’re nothing like orange box, maybe a bit like La Voz once was. I haven’t played La Voz in a long time but the 2.5 is probably close to LV medium, and pretty well the same as Rigotti 2.5 medium which I usually play. 3s are probably like vandoren green Javas.

So, on limited exposure, I’d say they are top class reeds at a top class price.

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