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Borgani Tenor (unlacquered) 1989 'Super'


Well-Known Member
Petersfield, Hampshire
I've decided to sell my Borgani tenor.
It's similar to the one on Stephen Howard's site and was serviced by him just last year.

I contacted the factory and found out (after a lot of chasing) that it's a "super tenor manufactured in 1989, it was made before the Jubilee series". It's not a Ponzol as it has an F# and no 'P' evidently, but it seems the same despite this. It comes with it's original snake-skin case (think it's snake skin anyway).

It is in great condition (I have loads of photos I'll send by e-mail), looks lovely and plays even better (you can hear it on my CD entry).

I'm selling 'cause quite simply I need the cash. :(

Asking price is £1,550 ono with usual contribution from that to Pete's charity and I'd prefer to sell UK only.
Borgani pictures

I've tried to attach a couple of photos and decided to drop the price to £1,400 ono.

Borgani side1.JPG Borgani side3.JPG Borganiside2.JPG

Good luck with the sale. I'm sure it plays as well as my Silver Pearl Jubilee. Wish I'd seen this before I bought mine....


A free bump... but you might regret selling this, I'm sure it's a great sax and I'm surprised there's no interest?
Love not rejection

This is such an interesting Sax. Having Played the Borgani Ponzol now for 7 years, It was very interesting to Play the sax that came just before it...and on Friday just gone, to play the Jubilee, the horn that came just after the Ponzol.

Col, If I were you I would remove it from this sale board, As It plays right now I would not swap it for a 82Z OR yANI. If you buy a later Borg neck from Allegro in Oxford I have got a very strong feeling that the sound would open-up more. Come to think of it they have a Silver plate one for £299 ...you could take the octave arm off of your old one and go for a two tone look.??...maybe. Or spend £500 on wood/neck. I think Ponzol had big influence on the Later Borg necks...Esp when you think about what people have to say about his own current range of after market neck's. The extra arm on the low F key would be a sinch to install and definitely helps the right hand stack to seal tight. The addition of a Yani back-plate and thumb rest would balance the horn out very comfortably.
You also have a very good Playing Link that give's the horn all it needs.
Please let my Know what you decide to do and do keep me informed of your progress.
It was a absolute pleasure to meet you, your horn and your wife and thanks for the Beer :~)
My Kind Regards

Thanks Ricky, I'm going to take your advice and keep the Borgani and make the changes you suggest. Something didn't feel quite right but I think you've identified what it is, so I'll try a new neck asap.
Great pleasure meeting you, should imagine we'll meet up again soon, and thanks for not buying it but putting me straight!

Glad to hear you are sticking with the Borg... Right choice in my mind. Let us know how you get on with a new crook.

I have to put this back on the market - would like £1,200

It's on E-bay as well, but of course if it sells via here I'll put 5% to Pete's charity.
Col. Straight mate. I am tryin to get the money together. I may know tommorrow. BUT!! First come, first served. I have to be clear on the " TRYING" vibe. Will keep you posted. Best Bud.

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