Boozy Oranges


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Makes a really refreshing, sharp-tasting pud with a bit of a kick. Just made this up one evening and it's a great way of disposing of that unwanted bottle of dry martini that's been hanging around since Auntie Mildreds visit last Christmas.......

Take 4/5 oranges - large clementines are the best.
Peel, and chuck peelings in a food processor type thing.
Add a couple of glasses of dry martini (or white wine)
Add a slug of brandy
Add a couple of desert spoons of icing sugar.
Switch on processor and blend
The results should be pourable. If not, add more liquid (preferably alcoholic.
Seperate the orange segments and lay out in a bowl.
Pour the liquid over, put in fridge and leave overnight.
Serve with cream.
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