Clarinets Boosey and Hawkes Clarinet and Selmer HS** mouthpiece for sale


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Berkshire, UK
Hi Guys

Selling this for an old friend of mine. Mouthpiece is a Selmer HS** , have no idea what it is worth. Also a Boosey and Hawkes clarinet that needs re padding.

Can anyone help? Does anyone know anything about them or what they are worth?
I've had a B & H clarinet for years. What model is this one? It will say on the bell. Is it wood? Can be very good indeed.

Some people think they don't tend to go too well with other brand mouthpieces, as B & H clarinets are usually of a different bore to other makes. Personally I've never had a problem, and play mine with Selmer, Graftonite and Redwine Jazz mouthpieces.

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