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Books on saxophone playing


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I'm compiling a list with text books on saxophone playing. Not just regular etude books but books explaining the mechanisms involved in saxophone playing. I've found all books listed below. Any additions are more than welcome!

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  1. A Complete Approach to Sound for the Modern Saxophonist - Ben Britton
  2. Art of Saxophone Playing - Larry Teal
  3. Developing a personal saxophone sound - David Liebman
  4. Extended technique for the saxophone - J. Michael Leonard
  5. Findings - Steve Lacey
  6. Hello! Mr. Sax - Jean-Marie Londeix
  7. How to Play Saxophone: Everything You Need to Know to Play the Saxophone - John Robert Brown
  8. Le saxophone - Marcel Perrin
  9. Playing the saxophone - Rob Buckland
  10. Practical Hints on Playing the Alto Saxophone - Eugene Rousseau
  11. Practical Hints on Playing the Tenor Saxophone - Eugene Rousseau
  12. Saxologie: Thèse 595 p.+CD. Pour les 7 sax: modes de jeu - Daniel Kientzy
  13. Saxophon-Sound (Grundlagen und Spezialeffekte für alle Saxophone) - Schott music
  14. Saxophone - Paul Harvey
  15. Saxophone Altissimo : High Note Development for the Contemporary Player - Robert Luckey
  16. Saxophone Artistry in Performance and Pedagogy - Eugene Rousseau
  17. Saxophone for dummies
  18. Saxophone High Tones: A Systematic Approach to the Extension of the Range of All the Saxophones: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone - Eugene Rousseau
  19. Saxophone Secrets: 60 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Saxophonist - Tracy Heavner
  20. Saxophone Sound Effects - Ueli Dorig
  21. Saxophone Technique - Ken Dorn
  22. Teachers guide to the saxophone - Frederick Hemke
  23. Techniques of Saxophone Playing - Marcus Weiss/Giorgio Netti
  24. The basis of saxophone tone production: A critical and analytical study - Cecil Leeson
  25. The Cambridge Companion to the Saxophone - Richard Ingham
  26. The Rough Guide to the Saxophone: The Essential Tipbook - Guide Rough
  27. The Saxophone Handbook: A Complete Guide to Tone, Technique, Performance - Douglas Skinner
  28. The Saxophone Reed: The Advanced Art of Adjusting Single Reeds - Ray Reed
  29. Tipboek saxofoon - Hugo Pinksterboer
  30. Top Tones - Sigurd Rascher
  31. Universal method for the saxophone - Paul de Ville
  32. Voicing - Donald Sinta


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The Saxophone is my voice - Eugene Rousseau
Amazing Phrasing - Dennis Taylor
Contemporary Saxophone - John Laughter
Hören, lesen spielen - Schule für Tenorsaxophone 1-3 published by de Haske ( I think there are english editions as well), Same for alto.
Sax Dixieland for beginners - Herwig Peychar
Blues Saxophone - An In-Depth look at the Styles of the Masters - Denis Taylor


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I think you meant to say "The Saxophone is my Voice" by Ernest Ferron.

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