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Book Recommendation:

Der Wikinger

The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine available on for about $ 26.

A great jazz solo consists of:

1% magic

99% stuff that is explainable, Analyzable, Categorizable, and Doable. This book is about the 99% stuff. It is the course book for the class I am doing with Edgar Crockett.



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Lovely version of "Black Orpheus" on his myspace website!

It is a very good book recommendation, and I hope that you are enjoying the course. As you say Improvisations should be quite understandable, and actually contain quite a small amount of magic.

I notice with the pieces I am currently working on that the more I improvise, the more complex/speedy/risky some of my playing becomes - but I consciously only do that for a chorus or two, trying to balance/contrast it with less complex or speedy stuff - on the "themes and variations" basis that I have written about elsewhere. Gradually it is quite possible to have a range of ways of playing riffs that can be called on to make a decent solo.

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