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Book: 'Gershwin Modern Arrangements of old Favourites'


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I've just started a new play along music book, and it's great! Okay, I'm only working on the first two tunes but they are up beat, good arrangements and great backing tracks.

The book in question is 'Gershwin Modern Arrangements of old Favourites' Published by De Haske. ISBN:

If you are looking for classic arrangements of the famous Gershwin tunes you need to look elsewhere, if however you want something with a bit more 'ooph' and dare I say it a, 'bit fresher', you might just like it. I thought I'd worn myself out on Gershwin with 'Gershwin by Special arrangement' but no, I've got a whole new book to explore.

The book is split giving notation for both Alto and Tenor, and they say it's about Grade 6 in hardness.

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