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Paul Warner

Hi everyone. Some time ago I posted my interest in the Bois lig. and finally got one for my M2 alto. I immediately felt blowing to be easier and freer on a newish and hitherto reluctant reed. Used it for a band blow today and others commented on the sound being preferable to last week using my old Rovner light. The Bois fitted well on my Yani ebonite m/p.
Thought it worth mentioning, especially as it didn`t cost a fortune and didn`t hurt a bit. May be a little snake oil lightly applied here, who knows. I wouldn`t say I felt truly liberated to a new realm of supreme expression and celestial happiness! It just felt a bit better, a bit freer, a bit nicer, so I thought I`d tell someone.
Cheers all, and a great Xmas all round.:)


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Thanks for sharing your experience, Paul! Would you say it was fitted tighter or looser than the Rovner Light thatyou normally use?
I don't particularly like the Rovner Light, excdpt when it is inverted with the metal bits nearer the reed.

Have a Cool Yule, By the way!
Kind regards

Paul Warner

Hi Tom. Interesting! I`ve never tried inverting the Rovner, but just have and much prefer it that way! Certainly much better, freer and more open especially in the low register.
I`d say that the Bois advantage is reduced on that basis, but may still have the edge even though I haven`t really tested extensively enough yet to be overly assertive about this. I`ll run through a few different reeds.
I`ve applied the Bois lightly but firmly; pretty much the same as with the Rovner.....they do like it that way!!!

May your Yule be truly cool!
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