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Blues Saxophone by Dennis Taylor


Daventry near enough
I am enjoying using this book. Does anyone know where to find the originals of the transcriptions? The only one I have (thanks to this site already) is Walking with Mr Lee. Dennis Taylor's rendition is noticeably different from the original. In particular there is a beautiful slow blues by Lester Young in Bb starting
(3fg_b (3_a/2g f/4e/4d2 _B/4G/4_B3
Maybe someone will recognise it.
Dennis Taylor is playing in the same style as the original sax player.

Bobby Forte - I think the song is called "I'm Going Home" by Charles Brown. Brown wrote the song when is friend Amos Milburn died. From Brown's CD "Someone To Love".

King Curtis - "Memphis Soul Stew". A milestone when we are talking Rocksax songs.

Noble "Thin Man" Watts - Song is called "Nobility" and it's on the CD "Return The Thin Man".

Red Prysock - "Handclapping". I have a good transcipton of that song. Prysock's monsterhit!

I can't recall what the other Blues and R&B honkers songs are. I never learn or play songs like this from charts. I think it's better to learn them by ear and learn the Rocksaxeffcts as well. They are using lot's of tricks.

I thought that the songs were really composite versions using bits and pieces of different recordings and typical licks by the sax player credited. I could be wrong, but I think that the Dennis Taylor recording is the only one where you will find that the "transcription" is played exactly like that. Some of the songs may be closer to a single original recording than others.


PS Reading the preface to the book which I have, it says "I've quoted some of these players' favorite licks as a launching point. What you are getting is my interpretation of the masters' licks. On the recording I've played the solos in the style of each player, but obviously could not capture each one's individual tonal characteristics."
Thanks for the feedback. That will keep me going for some time yet!
The others are:
Willis Gator Jackson
Stanley turentine
Sonny Stitt
Sonny Rollins
Maxwell davis
Jimmy Night Train Forest
Illinois jaquet
Gene Ammons
Eddie Shaw
Eddie Lockjaw Davis
Big Jay McNeely
A C Reed
What I'm trying to say is that listening is important. If you want to get into Forte, Watts, Curtis, Prysock's ... saxplaying you should listen to them as well.

Dennis Taylor is a great player and he is demostrating each player in a fine way. It's a good book and CD.

Maybe it's all about money? To put a transcription in publication costs money (roylties). And they should pay for the songs on the CD as well.

One reason why I think it's important to listen to the original recordings or players is for the tone and expressions. Taylor doesn't bring Watts "greasy/fat tone", Fortes "crying (almost gospel) sax", Prysocks "punch/power" .... To get a deep look into this music you should listen to the players as well. But I think it's a good book and Taylor is a good player. A fine book for players who are trying, like myself, to get into R&B- and Blues-sax. I'll soon turn 54 and still trying to play like my heros! Keep Honkin'!!


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