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Blues Music Awards Nominees; Instrumentalist-Horn


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This year we have four saxplayers on the list. All four are good examples of contemporary Blues-Rock saxplayers. Al Basile is an excellent musician but he is playing brass/cornet.

Doug James, Boston: Former Roomful Of Blues member. Doug James and Sax Gordon plyed a lot together for some years ago. James is perhaps most known as a bariplayer. But he is also a good tenorplayer.
Keith Crossan, San Francisco: Use to play with Tommy Castro Band. Mostly heard on tenor.
Sax Gordon, Boston: One of wildest! He can really bring a gig up to a higher gear. Former member of Roomful Of Blues. Played and recorded with lots of great rock and blues muscians. Gordon has been nomineed four times before. Saxplayer and singer.
Terry Hanck, ?: Also a singer. And nominate for his song ”Appreciate What You Got” as well. Played with lots of great muscians/band over the years. Tenorman.


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