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Blues Festival 2009

2 more clips

Thanks Taz... it was a great day really. I am putting on 2 more clips from a different camera, not as great a sound from it and "Flip Flop and Fly was last number and all you see is feet but the distortion is great by then:mrcool:mrcool
2nd one " I'd Rather Go Blind" I just enjoy Andrea's singing and I sort of like this different solo I do. Pity I didn't get this from Andrea's HD camera but maybe in future. Love any comments, good and even critical ones..
looks like I'm gona be the first to congratulate you! Ok all I saw was a bunch of feet doing some strange things. You then think why are they doing it? Cos there's a superb vibe in the air and that my friend is where you and your band come in! I said in another thread that if your not having fun you wont play your best and the crowd wont enjoy themselves either. My question is, Just how much fun were you guys having? Superb :thankyou:
Rate Steve as a thoughtful blues guitarist, was amazed that such a thing existed, get Hugh to improve his Miles' impression ;} but why didn't John solo on his valve? Sounds good but would hate to be in the next room to Andrea if she was indulging in horizontal gymnastics, earplugs would be inadequate. :)
Keep up the good work, eleven out of ten.
Loved them all -thanks for sharing. Particularly like I'd Rather Go Blind - love that tune :)

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