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Blues book recommendations wanted


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Yup- from the stuff we've got "Harrington: Blues Improvisation Complete" is a good one (or to be exact, the book is good but the jam along CD with it excellent) & there's always "Blues Saxophone: An In-Depth Look At...."- which gives a blues solo in the style of loads of great players (Stanley Turrentine, King Curtis, Sonny Stitt etc) to learn, absorb and be inspired by.


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The books Jules recommends are good. There are some other stuff made for Blues Saxophonists. But I don’t think they are available (for sale). It’s a pity, beacause I think there are some demand for a pure Blues Sax book with CD.

I have been trying to put together a book with a CD (play-along, samples, riffs, fillings, how to play a solo… ) from the Rock-Blues Sax horizont (if you understand what I mean!?!?!) with help from my saxplaying friends. Not jazz. I think the Blues sax is the key for playing in other Rock genres (Rock&Roll, R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggea).

I talked to a Swedish Rocksaxplayer about his sesion works (he use to do sax layers after the ”real” saxplayers are ready). ” I don’t understand why they call me? I guess they want me to make it a little more ”less exact”, ”dirty” and ”slabby” ”. I think this conclude the bluessax in Rock !


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