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Blue & Sentimental


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Chris, that was one of your best recordings. It's coming along nicely!
Well done!

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Tone and control are coming along very nicely. Head well played and I can hear "you" in there. The improvisation isn't as good. I doubt that you could hear what you were playing before it came out of the sax as it seems that you sat around on notes that sort of fit and didn't want risk notes that maybe didn't fit.

Try this exercise: first sing your improv solo, then try to play the exact same notes as you sung. Record this or transcribe it (if you have to) so that you play exactly what you sang. I know that you've got a lot of music within you and the frustration is in not being able to play what you want to hear. Stop, slow down and make it happen. The object is to eventually be able to play what you've got in your head. Playing random fit/no-fit notes does nothing to get you there.

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