Blue Moon.

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Yes, I know I listen to strange programmes, but this morning's Open Country was called Blue Moon. This is a term used for the fairly rare second full moon in a Calendar Month, the first occurred on the second and the second is on the thirty-first.

It would seem appropriate to have a mass performance of the Rodgers and Hart standard, suggest F for Bb, C for Eb and Eb for concert pitch instruments on New Year's Eve at nine pm. Ignore the first two pips of the radio timing pips and the rest become One, Two, Three, Four.

Damn! Forgot the Performing Rights Society.

Agreed. Parker is over rated.
old git

old git

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No. 2100 UCT Roger. Much more accurate.

For the youngsters, Zebra time was Greenwich Mean Time, which is very appropriate. Every time I've visited the town on the meridian it has seemed mean.

If you are using local time in Spain count either three thousand, six hundred and two pips or if you are two hours ahead seven thousand, two hundred and two before starting the one, two, three, four count.

Now that's clear and easy, isn't it?

Just realised you were one of the Brylcreem boys, that makes it more difficult.

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Quite so Roger. UTC and Zulu. The latter still used in aviation and military: the latter with time zones starting Zulu +1 with Alpha and Zulu -1 starting with November et seq. I used to like the names of some of the US time zones relative to UTC - eg Mountain Standard and Yukon Standard.
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