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For years now I have been gathering information about the "blue label" B&S horns to see if I can track their changes. I have gathered all the information together in the attached Excel chart.

This research has already busted at least 1 great myth about the horns that the company simply called "B&S": There were no "gold label" horns.

B&S used a blue enamel paint on their bell to body brace. Those horns that are being touted on eBay as the "superior gold label" horns are simply regular B&S saxophones that have had the blue enamel paint removed. (Yes, I have to update the B&S page on my website.) ;)

Comments and thoughts on the attached Excel chart greatly welcome!

For those of you who have these blue label horns, I would greatly appreciate more input! No need to provide the full serial # of your horn, just the first couple digits of the # is fine. Thanks!

My goal in starting this chart years ago was to see if B&S underwent anywhere near the evolution that their Weltklang cousins did. What I've seen to date, is that their evolutionary track was not upwards. Yes their were changes, but in some cases there seems to be no rhyme or reason to when these changes appeared.


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I often wondered about those gold label ones too, whether or not they were the real deal.
B&S blue label and later saxes are great horns, i still own a 2001 series tenor and did own the Blue Label alto you have on your website serial 2057 sold it to a another player about 12 months ago it was a fine horn.
There have been some major informational updates in the "blue label" horns from GDR's B&S. I am just in the process of putting all of this updated info together to update the B&S pages of my website.

Yesterday I published an article that did 2 things:
  1. It began the introduction of some of these important changes that these "blue label" horns by B&S underwent during their production cycle.
  2. It provided a searchable, online version of the Excel worksheet I provided in the OP. At present, 250+ SATB saxes are each presented in their own searchable tables. However, this is still very much a work in progress. These horns will be reclassified in the coming months based on their differing model #s and likely phases.
At this point, I would greatly appreciate it if those of you with B&S blue label saxophones would take a look at the article, and see if you could provide me with further data for my research.

The article spells out exactly what kind of information I need about each horn. It would take you <5 minutes of time, but would greatly help in filling in some blanks that exist around this instruments that are somewhat shrouded in mystery. Thanks!

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