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Blowing some sounds in the Wine Cellar


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Out in the Countryside of Nelson NZ
Our Local (very flash) Winery was having a Tour of the Sculptures, that had been commissioned as part of The Nelson Arts Festival.

I had bought a ticket for the wife to attend, but she couldn't make it, so I used the ticket, part of the tour was going through the Winery's Cellar, which is housed in the side of a hill and semi underground. The wine is actually pressed by gravity only and is organic!

When I saw the tunnel leading to the wine storage area, I immediatley thought of playing my saxes in here.

I asked the owner who, kindly let me return the next day and, this is some of the Soprano recording.

You can hear it has about a 7 sec reverberation.

I love playing in these sort of area's.
I do also go into churches and Catherdrals and usually am able to have a blow.

I intend to do more of this!


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