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Blimey! I have a virtual doppelganger!


You don't half have to be careful on these here web forum thingies.

As far as I know, I'm the only member of my saxophone circle who is on these pages. Imagine my astonishment, then, when a concert band friend duly informed me by email (with a smirk on her face, no doubt - we gossip an awful lot) that a mutual friend posts on this forum under the name of Red Bottom.

The mutual friend happens to play in the same concert band and the same sax choir as me and it seems someone out there put two and two together and made one - only it was the wrong one.

I can't wait to tell said mutual friend, if he doesn't already know. :blush:


Guildford, Surrey
What a coincidence - but how did you get those Red Bottoms in the first place?>:)

I had often been told that I was somewhere in my local town where I wasn't and my wife was getting suspicious. Then one day an elderly lady who I knew said that she had just been talking to me 15 minutes earlier in a coffee shop. I hadn't been anywhere near the coffee shop so it couldn't have been me. I eventually managed to track down my 'clone' and he does indeed look very much like me (lucky devil) but mostly in terms of his height and and mannerisms.
He has since become a regular in our Friday coffee circle and it is not unusual for either of us to have lengthy conversations at close quarters with friends (mostly elderly) who think that we are the other one.


Not so much a coincidence as someone getting the wrong end of the stick, Steve. Basically, there are just two of us in my wind band who also happen to be in the same sax choir. A third person (on here, I think, but I don't know his name) assumed I was a bloke and told another member of the wind band, who subsequently sent me an 'I'm-not-one-to-gossip-but-did-you-know' type email about my 'doppelganger' (a pretty respectable bloke) calling himself Red Bottom on here - giggles all round on her part. Giggles on mine when I put her right.

As far as I know, my doppelganger isn't even a member here, and I doubt very much whether he'd ever use a name like mine. The name comes from a series of books by Louise Rennison, whose teenage heroine spends her time being torn apart on the 'rack of lurve' due to her unwitting talent for attracting boys. This she puts down to her baboon-like 'red bottomosity'. Now, tell my of any forty-something, male teacher who would read anything like - or at least would admit to it.:D
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