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Black Sakkusu Tenor Sax

Nick Cook

Black Sakkusu Tenor sax for sale £150 + p&p (or pickup).

Including Yamaha 4c mouthpiece and hard case.

Moer details of this sax can be found on the site.

I've had this sax for about 2 years and it was previously owned by Phil (thehunt). My teacher says it has a lovely tone.

If you're in the Wokingham area, you're welcome to come and have blow. I'll take some pictures over the weekend which I'll post if anyone's interested.

Selling due to recent Cannonball purchase, and Mrs C. is fed up with three saxes on the landing!!

£10 to the charity if sold here. (I'll put it on ebay after a while).


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Shame she didn't get fed up earlier Nick - I could do with a back-up tenor and we could could have done a deal with my Cannonball case!
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