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Birds Without Wings


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Not a lot of action on the reading forum since it was created!

I've just finished 'Birds Without Wings' By Louis de Bernieres (I can't find the appropriate accent for the e) I went through a phase of reading his books about 20 Years ago and came across this in our Holiday cottage last October. It was a 'take and read if you want' type of book shelf, so I left a book and took this.

I finally got around to reading it and the book reminded me of what I enjoyed about previous de Bernieres books. It's a sprawling story of the fate of a small multi cultural Turkish Village and its inhabitants during the turn of the 20th Century, the First World War and the fall of the Ottoman Empire. It weaves the stories of various Villagers and their passage from times of simplicity, innocence and peace, through a very difficult, violent and disruptive period in time. The Author has a playful touch to his descriptive writing, even when describing terrible scenes!

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