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R & B, Blues, Soul Big Mama Thornton

Nick Wyver

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Wouldn't mind being in her backing band.

I see the tenor player had a pick-up on his mouthpiece that, fortunately, he wasn't using. A couple of years after that I had one on my sop. I was dead trendy then (see current avatar).


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Southeastern Alberta, Canada
I wasn't aware that she had written 'Ball and Chain' as I've always associated it with Janis Joplin. I saw Buddy Guy in Edmonton, Alberta in 2003 and have his recent (a couple of years ago) autobiography "When I Left Home - My Story". There are a few pages which cover that tour with Big Mama Thornton and John Lee Hooker in Germany. According to Buddy, the band was scared of her but she took a liking to him. I did a Wiki on Big Mamma and see that she died at 57. Buddy is around 77 and still going strong. There's something to be said for clean living. Thanks for posting the video.
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