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BG alto lig plus cap - FREE

Phil Edwards

Senior Member
East Sussex
Just got another Rovner (for my other mpc) so the BG Super Revelation that I've used is now surplus. It's the gold plated Super Revelation for Alto ebonite mpcs.

So here's a deal for anyone looking to move on from their standard metal lig, or wanting to try out something else...

They're about £30-35 new and I reckon the easiest way to shift it is offer it in exchange for a £10-15 donation to Pete's charities - I'll let you decide how much.

Post a message here to say you want it and pm me your address. I'll leave you and your conscience to make the donation - I know the members here will honour the deal.

regards, Phil


Studham Bedfordshire
Hi Phil, i have just aquired an old alto sax so would appreciate the lig, i'll make a donation to Pete's charity no prob if it is still available. Rgds Phil, Have Pm'd you

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