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Beuscher True Tone Tenorsax ??


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United Kingdom
Mornin all. I am determined to source a tenor that i am happy with for the forseeable. I still have a borrowed horn and have sold on the B&M Champion to bolster my funds. Sure; a 10M, a S20; would do me fine if i had that kind of cash. Thing is i dont and need to be more realistic in the short term. I reckon a True tone is the way forward. Great horn at a more realistic price. I am gonna check out E bay but thought it may be an idea to run it by your good selves also. So Yeah!! wanted to buy; Beuscher True Tone Tenorsax. Please pm me. Many Thanks; have a good week. Ade:):)
Thats a great site Chris; Thankyou. A nice horn at a decent price. Any horn from Steve Crow has got to be worth having DHM, Thanks for the link dude. For once i am gonna sit back on this one; take a little time !! Cheers; Ade:)
That 6M looks like a fabulous buy. re-padded and overhauled too .
Sorry, haven`t a clue what made me think of Altos , premature dementia probably, I`ve started practice of all the Carols again for Christmas .......
Not a Beuscher TT tenor ... but a very nice Grassi tenor "Jade" model (green pads and rollers) in mint condition from late 60's(?). Strong player. Around £ 300.00. But it's here in Sweden
Ads; Thanks dude. I sent of an e mail to check out that last horn. Good price and in Manchester, so only an hour away tops. Ade
From the bell keys, it's either a late (series IV) aristocrat or a 400.

Edit - it's an aristocrat, the 400s had an underslung octave key.
Cheers Kev; hope you are good mate. So, that is not the horn for me. If it is gonna be a Beuscher, it really has to be a True tone. Plenty of decent tenors on E bay right now and no real hurry. Ade:)
Thanks Kev; hope you are good mate. It really needs to be a True tone. Some decent horns on e bay right now and no real hurry. Ade:)
Not sure why you're fixed on a True Tone, that looks good and if it plays OK, it'll be good value. You can check the year from the serial number - maybe ask the seller, but I'd guess it'll sound every bit as good as a True Tone.
Why not try a Selmer Bundy II. They used the True Tone when they designed the Bundy II in the early 20's. A little more modern sound compare to the TT's. Listen to blussaxophonist Eddie Shaw, he is on a Bundy II.
Trevor Jones in Bristol have one advertised for £699 I think
I`m not sure if Buescher pieces are that great, aren`t they very basic Brilharts renamed ? . could be wrong but that`s what I was told . the Clarinet ones even have Brilhart on them, in fact are called "Brilhart Special" but aren`t very special at all, no better than a stock buffet one .
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