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Best Jazz Clubs in UK!


Hi guys,

Thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the best Jazz clubs in the UK. Remarkably google does not bring up an easily accessible list and so perhaps this forum is the best place to start. I live in London and know some great ones here - though I'm sure there will be other I am not aware of. So, for London I have -

  1. 606 - Great place for new and established musicians in an intimate and friendly setting
  2. Pizza Express, Dean Street - Good for the odd established act
  3. Bull's Head, Barnes - Not been there yet but I hear it's a great place
  4. Ronnie Scott's - Touristy and pricey. However, they still get some great acts and the atmosphere is still pretty special
  5. Lower Ground Bar, West Hampstead (Tuesdays) - Only £5 entry into am intimate setting. Get some very good and well known acts
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Petersfield, Hampshire
I moved out of London 7 years ago, but in those days I'd add:
- Vortex, Stoke Newington. Has great acts and I even played there with a sax band called 'Stax 'o sax'
- 100 Club Oxford Street - used to have the rare jazz performance
- Jazz Cafe, Camden - saw Courtney Pine about 8 times, great on a Christmas Eve (Happy days).

I'm still looking for good venues in the East Hampshire area, for looking forward to results on this link.
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