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Best Courier Company for Posting a Sax?

Steve John B

I know this has probably been done a zillion times, but can anyone recommend a good, inexpensive courier for sending a sax within the UK?


Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
+1 for interparcel. You don't need to open an account, just pay on line. Very reliable.


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I use - similar to interparcel I expect. You get a full choice of services, prices and couriers, and an option to upgrade insurance.

Two Voices

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Recently I sold a couple of my telephoto lenses plus five smaller ones to a dealer in the UK. I was responsible for packaging plus insuring of these fragile items! Which I did put in a non-descript brown box taped up fragile, which tons of bubble wrap! Stuck labels on!

The driver took the box from me walked to the van and dropped the box into the driveway from about waist height! :shocked: He opened the door and just threw the box in! :shocked: The parcel had only gone ten feet and was already being subjected to violent handling!

I was so relieved to hear from the buyer two days later the they had arrived safe and sound and a cheque for the agreed amount was on its way to me :D

The money was recycled for a new piano ;}


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Martin, your post was one of the best I've ever read on any subject on any saxophone forum ! Thank you.

If someone is sending a sax to me I always send them this link:

I sometimes wonder if writing "Please handle with care, medical equipment" would ensure more considerate handling. I mean, playing the sax can be very therapeutic, in a medical sense, for some people.
Wouldn't bother with the medical equipment ruse as a lot of it is shipped around. People take more care if they think the object they are handling is not particulalry common -- don't know why. I tend to handle strange things with more care myself so perhaps I am assuming everyone does the same -- I might be right, I hope so.

Once, when I was working with Parcelforce we had a beehive come through complete with bees! They were in a specially designed sturdy box with a mesh to stop the bees getting out. I put the box at the back of the trailer by itself so there was no danger of damage, I trust everyone else did the same as I didn't hear that it didn't make it through OK. We used to get single homing-pigeons in a small box to carry in the cab and had to release them at a certain point in the journey. Some people's last journey is by TNT as very occasionally someones ashes are sent to their final resting place (or as near as dammit); we often carry coffins!

One of the oddest:

Yes, it's a cow.



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Was it bubble wrapped?
No, but then it was so big and so heavy it would have taken a Titan to actually pick it up and drop it. I suppose that is the answer when sending a saxophone -- put it inside an artificial cow! :)))
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