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Best Brass E-Sax Mute

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davidk submitted a new resource:

Best Brass E-Sax Mute - Review and usage guide for the Best Brass E-Sax tenor mute.


I live in a flat, and would like to practise without disturbing anyone around me. For this reason, I have bought this mute. I am reviewing it here so that others can judge if it is worth getting one.

The E-Sax Mute is made in Japan by Best Brass, who also make silent practice systems for brass instruments such as trumpets. It is a lot easier to mute a brass instrument than a woodwind instrument, since all the sound of a brass instrument comes out of the bell, while...
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Vibes sax partner mutes are very similar but in interesting colours. I don't think Vibes do them in the UK anymore. You should however be wary of the predictable punning comments that will be made if you take delivery of a large cardboard box with "Sax partner" written on the side. I would agree with your comments and recommend them with the same caveats.
A good and fair review.
Thanks Ed
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