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Berg Larsen 70/1 Ebonite Soprano mouthpiece....


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Hi folks!

I am selling my Berg Larsen 70/1 ebonite soprano mouthpiece. It is about 18 mths old and is in spotless condition, having been used about 10 - 15 times. It costs £159 currently and I am selling it for £75, including shipping and a £5 donation to Pete's Fund. It has a lovely tone and has a degree of brightness. I described it in my review of the PPT passaround as of similar sound quality. It does not have a ligature or cap.

It is simply surplus to requirements as I mostly play a Soprano Planet custom Via Coro mouthpiece.
Kind regards
Hi there,

Can you figure out how much is the shipping to Canada? (Calgary, Alberta T2L 1M6)
If it is insured and trackable all the way to the destination and the price doesn't jump up too much I may want it.
I have a 60/2 and I like to have more edge on my vintage curvy. Also I found I can handle more open mouthpieces especially for the better tone on the low notes.

Hi Arya!

The post to the US and Brazil is about £2.75 for a mouthpiece, and I trust the post from UK (100% success) - be no problem to send it like that and accept payment when it arrives. Insurance and trackability could be looked into if you want that.

Let me know and it could be on its way to you by Monday.
Kind regards
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