Saxophones Bent crook?

Not only the crook that's bent....

The octave key being open is partly because the closing spring isn't there. So it's clearly not playable.

The sax is already expensive for it's poor condition, even without the neck problems. And there are only 3 bidders so far. Plating looks as if it's been gone over with wire wool to remove the tarnish, so it'll never shine.

However (my paraphrasing) he says "It's in good condition for it's age", and "It's in working order".

It's clear from the pics that neither is true. His excuse that he doesn't know anything about saxes is interesting - how can he make these statements, especially as to working order, if he doesn't know saxes?

I'd contact him again, saying that his description is False and misleading - it's clearly unplayable and in much worse condition than the description. Tell him that as a result you wish to withdraw your bid as previously requested, and that if he doesn't let you, you'll be taking it up through ebay. If he still fails, do go through ebay's dispute resolution.

It's worth looking at seller's feedback - there's a recent negative, which doesn't loko as if he's a good seller. Blames the seller for his incorrect description.....
Not only the bent neck, if you look at the other pictures the whole thing is in an a terrible state, look at the bell pictures big dents all over the place and the rim is seriously out of shape, definitely retract your bid!
I have just retracted my bid. Just noticed that the photos were taken 3 years ago, unless he got a wrong time setting on his camera.
Price has now dropped to sixteen pounds, with a really interesting comment from the seller about bid retractions and tying to justify what he'd said in the description. The other bidder must have retracted as well for the price to dop like that.

I'm glad you'e out of it Tommy.

Maybe take a little more care next time. :mrcool
That looks a beautiful sax :)))

I've been thinking about buying a really dirt cheap sax to use as a doorstop! This might fit the bill :w00t:
I saw this sax a few days ago. My first thought? Flowerpot.
ooo it's had a hard life i would ask if you can cancel your bid (stating why) unless you realy like then it's a question how much to sort it out
all the best
ooo it's had a hard life i would ask if you can cancel your bid (stating why) unless you realy like then it's a question how much to sort it out
all the best

A fortune!!!!

I spotted this when it first appeared and being the s**** a*** I am was very tempted to send a message asking if he wouldn't have been better taking the photo's before setting about it with the ball peen hammer,but resisted the urge>:)

But at least all the pics are good and tell you everything you want to know, but the statement a few dents doesn't really cover the condition does it,a wide birth required here I think
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£ 467.00 ! You can get a new sax for that price with better playability. The reason I own saxes from 20's is that they are collectable. Not for the playabilty, except for sopraninos and sopranos.

That buyer is in for a terrible shock. Far too expensive. 20 would have been my top price...

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