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Jazz Ben Webster & Coleman Hawkins - It Never Entered My Mind 1957


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A little bit of sunshine on a cloudy day - imho this is pure bliss

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My favourite album ever (can you tell from my Avatar ?). The LP I was given was called 'Blue Saxophones' but it is also known as 'Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster'.

Friendly competition and respectful jousting from two of the tenor sax giants, supported by a stellar rhythm section. It doesn't get any better than this.


PS You can get transcriptions of several of the songs from this album at:
Oh thanks Rhys, I was blown away by this track and have played it over and over. Am on Spotify now listening to the album :) Might have a look at the transcriptions too...

Just bought Three Classic Albums Plus from iTunes which contains Blue Saxophones, Soulville and The Soul of Ben Webster for £4.99......

Will listen later but thanks for the heads up.

Good bargains there Alistair. I have The Soul of Ben Webster and there's a particularly good (imho) version of Satin Doll featuring the marvellous Johnny Hodges. Hope you enjoy your new purchases :)

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