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M/Pieces - Ligs Ben Davis Selmer Vocaltone alto mouthpiece


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Have been given one of these mouthpieces (looks like new) and I am trying to find out what the two grooves are for down the side of the mouthpiece. Also what ligature is recommended and has anyone got any experience of them?

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maybe the grooves are for a "Lawton" type of ligature system, i can't see the grooves so i only speculate


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I had a tenor version of one of these. Bought it for 50p out of a cardboard box outside Richer Sounds in London Bridge Walk in 1985, along with about a dozen other mouthpieces, all at the same price. To be honest I didn't like it much, rather a dull and one dimenisional sound. Perked it up a bit with a home-made baffle. I ended up selling it on a few years ago, for rather more than I paid......


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I have an HR model with an inlaid metal table, window, tip and rails, from what I can gather Ben Davis was quite a famous bandleader back in the day, I can't vouch for this info, only what I've gleaned from tinterweb. I have an old Conn stencil silverplate Cavalier (simplified New Wonder) and it works well enough for me on that although I don't play alto much these days. I don't have the inset on top of mine so just use a standard 2 screw.

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I play a Ben Davis vocal tone on alto. Silver plated brass. I love it. Any ligature that fits and holds the reed will do. I wish I'd used a textile lig earlier, as the silver plate has worn through on mine.

From what I can remember from researching him when I was given my mpiece, Ben Davis was an accomplished alto player. He founded the Selmer franchise in England, so that dates him. He was something to do with early EMI I seem to remember too.
1920's I think.

There will be a lay stamped on it somewhere. Mine is at the base of the table.

If you can't get on with it I could give it a good home if the price is right.

It may save me from brass poisoning.

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