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Ben Clatworthy


Hertfordshire, England
One of my favourite tenor players will be at Googlies jazz club, Enfield on 26 March, Ben Clatworthy.

I urge anyone who is within striking distance to go and see him.

His style is unique. I find it difficult to describe but words like moody, lyrical, strange, mesmerising are those that come to mind.

One thing though, you will probably not learn anything. He wears his neck starp far too long, he sways about like he is suspended on puppet strings and he screws his face up so much you will think he is pain.

But the music is fantastic and for me he is just superb to watch. He loves to play long cadenzas all on his own with no backing. It makes he hairs on my neck stand.

Go, I promise you will never forget it.

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