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Hi Wade,
Well named piece, interesting concept and sound, which quickly gets boring unless your on the wagon and at the fairground .... Only my opinion!
Still got that cinematic feel though, I expected to hear some gritty Tom Waits lines....with a change in feel & sound.

Cheers & ciao

"Together We Create Beauty"
Hi Wade,
Well named piece, interesting concept and sound, which quickly gets boring.

Thanks for your response Jimu, but it seems this didn’t work for you. Your comments seem aimed at a planned written piece. It's a loop done on the fly and improvised against. It's spontaneous music that's augmented in just adding an effect. If it can create a mood, amuse, irritate, or in any other way communicate then that's good. Boring at two minutes isn't good but reflects that it has a one dimensional mood/feel. If you peek just a little deeper you might find some interesting scale/mode choices using several different melodies and countermelodies that are fairly unusual. The light hearted feel is in juxtaposition to this. Oh well, sometimes the pieces one thinks are good just don't resonate with others. That's music!
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I liked it, nice tenor sound and I liked the wah pedal bits, not at all boring - non of the usual tenor cliches. I like some of the other bits on your soundcloud - eg Night Fever and Vamp Higher. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!!!!
Hi Wade, you and your guitarist do seem to have the rare skill of being able to create moods at will. Through clever use of chords and some good improv. I think it's about time you turned them in a CD or something..

Thanks for the feedback. The wahwah wasn't done with a pedal, but is an effect that can be added when editing in audacity. It's a little tricky getting it set right as the parameters are sort of strange.

Chris, you are too kind. A CD? Mood music? I'm afraid that these are the diddlings of a couple very minor talents who may be able to do things a bit differently, but not necessarily at a professional level worthy of release. I'm just happy to share what we do. I'm too old to have any serious musical ambitions. We play some gigs that are mostly background to eating or partying...mood music? The suggestion of doing background to visuals intrigues, but I have no idea how one would break into this field especially living in an obscure corner of the world where not much happens.

The purpose of most of these posts is to demonstrate from a amateur perspective how it's possible to play in various styles, and be creative within the realm of improvised music without copying any specific style, player, or using any formulated types of progressions. The guitarist and I aren't likely to ever achieve much recognition, which is OK as we simply enjoy playing and sharing the music. My greatest hope is that it opens the eyes and ears of younger more serious players who are mostly fed a diet of "standards" and copying mainstream music, which (IMHO) has a very limited future.
Hi Wade,
Thanks for your Postings and comments.... raises lots of questions in me, like how can I comment on another's musical efforts, if I've not walked (listened) in there shoes, any comments I make are only coming from my likes and dislikes. My comment about " being boring" says more about me and how I listen and enjoy music. I do in general go with my first gut reaction to any music, this is what attracts me to Jazz, without the need of extra knowledge, whereas say classical, county & western, punk, most rock & heavy metal, etc just doesn't connect with my feelings.
Your comments made me aware of too listen deeper past my first gut reaction and how my instant first judgements are perhaps restricting my further enjoyment of other fields and types of music. I am a big Coltrane fan, but inspite of many listenings to his "sheets of sound style of music.... I just don't get it! Same goes for free Jazz.
I will certainly think more than twice about commenting on another's musical efforts as " boring" again however well received it was!
Sorry if I offended!
Hi Jimu. I can assure you there is no need to ever apologise for how you react to or hear music and there is certainly no offense taken. I'd much rather have a real opinion as this gives me a gage by which I can try to hear through other's ears and know what works and what doesn't.

Everybody is equal in the listening game, but as you indicate some have stretched their ears to find a connection with a wider range of styles. You may think you don't react to Classical music, but if you have seen more than a few movies then I can assure you that the music (that's taken for granted) did much to give you the emotional impact than the visuals could have done alone. Ever see Star Wars? Most of the music was stolen or strongly influenced by composers like Stravinsky Korngold and Holst, all very classical 20th century (programmatic) composers who knew how to make people feel, react and tell stories.

I have to admit to also having trouble with Coltrane, but must accept that since a lot of others get so much from him that I'm just not hearing what they hear. His music is certainly technically awesome, but I get little/no feeling, soul, or emotional impact from it. Others do. What can I say? Well I'm certainly not saying I'm sorry, that's my honest reaction.

Your comments are always welcome, and hopefully you will not be offended if respond.

Merry go-rounds (merries go-round?) are boring and repetitive.
Wade and colleague got the drunken one spot on.

I really like this recording.

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