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I emailed Margriet a few days ago explaining that the link was broken. She hasn't responded yet and might not at all. I initially posted the link on a different forum about a year ago so I don't know when it stopped working. Her current web site has no link to it either. It's possible that I might have a printout of the process that I could scan and maybe post it as a pdf file if the forum allows it. It's only my second day here so I'm not familiar with all the rules yet.

Update to my last post... I sent a second email to Margriet a few days ago and she responded stating that her web pages had been consolidated and a number of items were left out including the transposition course. Because there have been a number of inquiries about the transposition course she is putting it back online. She will email me once it completed and I post that info here.

Update: The link to the Transpose site had been taken down by the author for quite some time. I had asked her to put it back up about nine months ago and I received an email yesterday that the link was now active. I think the author does a good job explaining the process to the aspiring musicians such as myself. It's not fancy but gets the job done in my opinion.

Hi all, had first "specific" (one on one) lesson yesterday. Went over 2-5-1 progression.

Playing 18 months, even though I play at jazz jams and attend a weekly jazz class, my theory is pretty bad. So here I am.......

Any-who, this is my new plan......

- hunt out any 2-5-1 progressions I can see on my sheet music

- write out all my 12 major scales, (with corresponding numbers underneath) onto flash cards then randomly test myself ie what is 5th and 7th of?......

- Start to be strict with actual practice of all major scales (confess I do not know them all)

- Lastly, have ordered Aebersold 2-5-1 progression book........

Just wanted advice if this is correct route with jazz theory......for now??

many thanks as always

Sorry, I should say specifically with regards to 2-5-1 progression maybe?
Hi Gareth, it's a good plan. I would put the 'Abersold Book' on hold for a little while though..
For a couple of tunes to get you started try 'Blues Bossa' and 'Autumn Leaves'.
You could sit down with some manuscript paper and write out the 12 Maj scales including key sig.
Then work out the chords built from each note and put those on the next line. I'll sort out an example
and PM you a link.

The circle of fifths and going the other way fourths is your friend.

For one thing it's the key signatures in order, adding sharps or flats

But more usefully, whatever you start on, to one side is the fourth and to the other the fifth.

I would compare it to learning your times tables. Mental arithmetic is a doddle if you know your tables.

Seconds and 7ths are easily worked out. One up or one down from tonic

Learning 12 keys of ii V I, or the notes of each chord individually is just a feat of memory and won't connect the dots so to speak.

Before going for ii V I, I would master I IV V. All the notes of the major scale are contained in I IV V. Simple harmony for pop songs, blues and folk etc.
Big thank you to Chris and Colin, really appreciated. This is all extremely helpful.......

(sorry Chris, already ordered the Aebersold), I play blue bossa a t jam night so that would be perfecto.......

Colin.....I will first do what my tutor has given me (namely 2-5-1), then will start looking at circles of fifths and fourths, thank you Colin.......I have Friday to Wednesday off next week, so will put in some major work (no pun intended)
Hey that sounds really cool, will have a look at my 2-5-1 Aebersold when it comes, then possibly buy it. I have so much to get on with now.
Can't wait to get stuck in.......

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