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Beginner's mum


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A big welcome, Nik!

Anything we can offer you by way of help, or are you just letting us know of your existence? You may be interested to know that there are high quality plastic saxes produced by a firm called Vibrato which are stocked by at about £350, amongst many others. The safe recommendation is to start with an alto sax - a smaller soprano is slightly harder to play, and the others will be a little on the heavy side. My 10 yo daughter can just about manage holding a trumpet for a period of time and saxes are a lot heavier, even though there are lots of good harnesses available, as well as the usual neck straps.

Kind regards


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Welcome Nik

I am sure if your daughter has any questions you will get a great response.:)


Justin Chune

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Hello Nik, welcome to the cafe. If weight would be a problem for your girl she can stay with the clarinet for a bit longer. If you are looking for an alto, check out the Yamaha YAS23 for sale in the Yard Sale here in the cafe. Old but highly rated.



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Hi Nik, welcome to the cafe.
In addition to the comments above, I came across a "small hands" alto sax recently (I was looking for a Baritone for myself, but found this on a web-site somewhere). If a standard alto is too big, that might be an option.
Also (you may already know this) if she is having lessons in a (state) school, you can buy an instrument VAT free in the UK, through the school, I think it's called the Assisted Instrument Purchase scheme, but any supplier should know about this. Or it might be best to try to rent for 6 months or so - some shops do a rental for up to a year, then give you the rental money back if you buy a new instrument through them.
I hope she and you enjoy her journey.
As the mother of a 16 year old now learning clarinet, who previously learnt violin, I suspect your transition may be easier than ours!


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Big welcome from me too. Lots of help available. None of my lot want to play the sax, my youngest just decided to learn a second instrument (as well as drums) and picked bass...

My oldest, already plying clarinet for a few years tried the sax and put it down after 5 minutes, saying it confused him.

I'm not so sure about those vibratos, they had a lot of bad press, for good reason.


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Hello and welcome Nik (MUM!)
It's great that your daughter want's to play the sax. There is a lot of good friendly advice here (Alto sax for instance). So before you lay out any cash, please check with the guys here.


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Welcome to the caff©, Nik.

Couldn't ave picked a betta day to join me hearty as it's Talk Like A Pirate Day. So any troubles, let us know an Cap'n Pete 'll ave em walkin the plank. Wasn't that a Rolling Stones hit?

Don't worry, the rest are fairly sane but we do lik a larf.


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Hi Beginners Mum, My Daughter is also nine and quite an accomplished Violinist, we do have lots of fun with all our instruments, which of course is what it's all about, she's recently took to learning to play my alto which she seems to get on with all right mind you I'd love to see the look on the school music teachers face when she opens her case and takes out my almost mint 62 King Super 20 Silversonic:shocked:

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Hi Nik and welcome.
The sax that Mandy mentions is a Trevor James Alpha sax. Designed for small hands as a beginner's sax. It doesn't have some of the very top notes so small hands can avoid hitting the wrong side keys, but these aren't needed until Grade 3. The downside is that your daughter will need to change sax if she progresses.
Good luck to you both!


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Hey Hey Nik ...

Good to meet you ...

This is a very good forum [polite, no swearing, considerate, and very mindful that others including youngsters view the site] ...

Please make yourself at home here and ask loads of questions ... :thumb:
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