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Since there are some other restarters and beginners around who are blues fans like me, I just had to post something on this great downloadable tutorial that I found by Randy Hunter. I've been working on it for the last few days and learning a lot of basics. Mr. Hunter has a great teaching style. Its a 4-part lesson series called "Introduction to the Blues"

Lesson 1- dominant arpeggios and rhythm templates
Lesson 2- emphasis of 3rds and 7ths and practice exercises
Lesson 3- adding roots, 5ths and 9ths over 3rd/7th melody framework; guide/common tones; exercises
Lesson 4- pentatonic scales and common tones

I'm also finding it worthwhile transcribing the example solos. Especially, since he explains what harmonic techniques he employs in each.

There is a freebie lesson called Blues by the Step that is in a similar teaching style here:

Here are some of my other favorite links for blues sax:
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Its my pleasure, Randy and I'm sure many folks here would find your lessons as useful as I am. The beauty of your teaching method is giving small, useful patterns to get the 3rds and 7ths and other intervals in your ear and lines under your fingers with simple practice patterns to work over the 12-bar progression or, alternatively, around the cycle of fourths. Small digestible patterns and suggestions of how to practice them are a great kickstart into blues/jazz improv. I have quite a few blues sax books and some are really good but they just pile it all on at once leaving me confused - memorize a bunch of scales and then practice a bunch of etudes and you'll magically understand blues for the sax by the end of the book. It just wasn't working for me even though I've played blues guitar for decades.

I have Pete's Taming The Saxophone which is also brilliant in providing a practical means to get the technique. Pete and your instructional materials are really complementary. Some of us have begged Pete to do some video lessons too but he's too busy.
Thanks again, AndyB. I like constructing my lessons, as you suggest, in a step-by-step manner, providing basic patterns that help folks grasp and internalize a concept before moving on to advanced patterns and concepts.

I've heard about Pete's method's and read a number of his posts at SOW also, so I'm glad to finally sign up on his forum. I think it's great to have multiple online and complimentary resources to help people locate different approaches to learning to play jazz and blues.

Lessons page: Improv Lessons.htm

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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