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Beginner Mouthpiece Pass around!


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Hi Folks!

As part of building a list of alternative beginner mouthpiece recommendations I have arranged to have a Clark Fobes Debut Alto Sax mouthpiece for sax teachers to trial on a passaround.

Anyone who is interest just needs to drop me a PM and I will build a list and arrange for the mouthpiece to do the rounds. The Clark Fobes Debut Alto Sax mouthpiece is highly recommended in the US for beginning students, and each mpc is hand-finished by Clark himself (who does about 8,000 in a year). It is 0.065" - same as an Otto Link 5
and just largerthan a Yamaha 4C.

I will be posting a similar thread in the Beginners section offering a Debut mouthpiece for beginning students to trial.
The Clark Fobes Debut mouthpiece is stocked by Howarth of London at £36.00 (also Tenor).

The Fobes Debut Alto Sax mouthpiece is now available for trial. Please let me know if you would like to have a borrow for a week or so.
PM preferred, and happy to answer any questions. I am just about to give it a play and will give my feedback in the next few days.

Kind regards

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