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Become a Friend of CafeSaxophone. Free beer.

Pete Thomas

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Harrisonburg, VA
We are starting a new CafeSaxophone initiative "Friends of the Cafe." And it won't cost you anything.

Anybody who enjoys posting and reading the posts articles etc. (yes that includes you lurkers!) can help the cafe survive.

As you know we have costs and we also have some generous members who donate and subscribe, and we also charge a small fee for ads in the yardsale. Any money left over is donated to help various institutions involved in special needs music education.

So what do the Friends of the Cafe do?

Initially we would like you to help bring people to the forum, and one idea (thank you Jeanette) is to give out CafeSaxophone business cards to any players you meet - at gigs, church, school, busking in the street, at the hairdressers, wherever.

All you need do is send me your address (please use the contact button at the bottom of the page, not via PC) and I will send you some cards. The default number is 12, but if you want more just say so as it will help postage to get more at once.

EDIT: Please put FOTC in the subject header of the ermail

Will you really get free beer?

Yes. When we finally have the threatened get together, FOTC will get free beer. I have also toyed with the idea of a free CafeSaxophone pencil. There is no stopping the endless possibilities.
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Brilliant idea Pete although you can keep the beer for someone who appreciates the stuff I'm always recomending the cafe to anyone who's the slightest bit interested in sax!
Can I have some cards please, 12 will be great to start with although they may not last too long as I'm always talking to people when I'm out busking.
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Oh yes, one more thing (which might get you more free beer) please keep this thread alive by posting in it when you become a friend.
I think you'll have to order more cards Pete:)

Thanks all, don't forget the special message on mine for SD if you can get them here by Fri

Request sent. Not bothered for a beer. Perhaps a button?

I get asked saxophone questions from time to time when busking. I direct them here. I haven't noticed any turning up so maybe a card would be a good reminder for them.
Timbo you can have my beer too :) I don't know if it's been discussed before and I know some people can't stand it (although there are millions of members) a Facebook page. I don't know the logistics of running a page and if it would be viable but the share and like buttons offer an opportunity for a huge audience. I just clicked the like button at the bottom of this thread and it's not appearing on my Facebook stream. It may take a while? Anyway just a thought.
I must think of a more complete plan for inside the M25. Maybe CaSLM and Griff could help. It would be nice if @Pete Thomas contacts Howarth and before I take some cards there.
I think a Facebook page is a great idea. I spend loads of time on there and would be happy to moderate it if you like

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