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Beat around the bush

Beat around the bush is a good title. Should I do the same in giving an opinion?

I don't have any idea if this is your "normal" tone on soprano, or your "normal" mode of playing, so it could all be a "put on". If it's a parody of some players it's too long. We got what was on offer after a minute or so. Once in a while when it slowed down and went a little quiet I could hear a good tone underneath that wasn't beat up by an uncontrolled vibrato and nasal sound.

The playing is mostly frenetic like an itch that you can't quite scratch.

It is consistent and you return to your theme often, so composition-wise it's OK, but way too long.

As said I don't know if you're having us on, so apologise in advance if you are a beginner and this is something that you think is great. We're all on a learning curve and have to start somewhere. If you're in your first year of playing and just having fun then this is OK. If you have been playing for a long time (and are not putting us on) and think this is great then, well, it’s another matter.
Hi Wade
Thank you for all that. The recording is from a session with Byron, a drummer I met by chance. I thought it would be fun to have a jam with him in the Art Centre Studio, with some youngsters who had their first attempt at using recording equipment. Did you like the drumming? The sound engineer who was supervising the session did do some compressing and stuck some reverb on the sax. That's okay with me. It was just some fun, really. All experimental.

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