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I won the beacon tenor sax that was on ebay.:w00t:

just wondering if any member know anything about place of origin.

or any other information. :D

:thankyou: Tony (teebones)
Not a familiar name, it must be said. How old is it? Have you tried doing a Google search? There are loads of instruments around that appear to have been bought as blanks from Far Eastern manufacturers and then given a random brand name by the importer. That doesn't mean it's no good of course - the vast majority of budget instruments come from the same origins and many are very highly regarded.

Good luck - hope it turns out to be a good'un.
The above saxophone will be for sale in the yard sale with pictures.
the only Beacon stencil sax I've seen was made by Orsi in the early 60's for the Boston Musical Instrument Company who had a shop in the Beacon Hill district


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