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Saxophones Bauhaus Walstein TS-P v TS-PD


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I'm looking at getting a new tenor and I know a lot of people on here have, or respect, the Bauhaus Walstein Bronze series of saxs. I'm wondering if anyone has tried the TS-P model against the TS-PD (Action Improved) version and has a view on the benefits of the "improved" model (and whether its worth the extra £100)?

Also any other tenors I should be considering that would provide similar quality for the same (or better still less) money?

Thanks in advance.
When I bought my TS-PD Bronze I asked the 'experts' at Windblowers and the opinion was that the AI feature is of more benefit to the technician when servicing rather than the player. In theory it should mean that the sax might last longer as the shoulderless screws allow adjustment for longer but as they have not been around that long who knows.

He said that when he started out working on sax most screws were shoulderless and that the 'new' thing was to have shoulders. Now BW are going back to the older style of screw.

He did say that in his opinion the Bronze had a slightly better tone than the all brass model. Oh and I am more than happy with mine. Just need to improve the player...
I've just bought my first tenor sax (play alto normally) and looked around at a few different brands. I ended up with a John Packer JP042 tenor. I bought it from Jonathon Myalls and they were really helpful. It was just too far for me to go, but they do set up their saxes before sale and the guy assured me that it would play out of the box. It does, and while I'm new to the tenor, it seems to have a very good tone to me.
The JP saxes have good reviews and are a little cheaper than the Bauhaus - I don't know if they're as good though, as I've never tried the Bauhaus.
I was hoping to try both of them this weekend but it appears BW can't make the "Action Improved" models fast enough and so Windblowers won't be able to get hold of one until March. Frustrating!
I was hoping to try both of them this weekend but it appears BW can't make the "Action Improved" models fast enough and so Windblowers won't be able to get hold of one until March. Frustrating!

That's a shame. I went for the older model but when I got there they only had the AI one which I think is why they let me have it at the lower price. It's going to be worth waiting for though if you can find the patience from somewhere.
Just as a follow up...

I did manage to find one BW Bronze tenor TS-PD ("Action Improved") and at a discount but with a scratch. It was a long way away so I didn't go to see it.

I tried the TS-P model at Windblowers in Nottingham but decided it wasn't for me. This is a totally personal view, but for me I didn't like the tone at the upper end, and also found the position of the thumb rest uncomfortably low and the position of the low Eb and C keys very low as well. Possibly the thumb rest could have been adjusted a tadge and with time I dare say I'd get used to the Eb & C key positioning, but all in all I felt the horn was too much of a compromise for me.

While there I also tried a Trevor James (didn't note the model number), a s/h Yamaha 275, and an ex-demonstrator Antigua Winds 4230 with "antique" finish.

The only model that I can really say felt great in every way was the Antigua but even discounted because of being a demonstrator it was still £300 more than the BW I'd been hoping to fall in love with. I'm also not a huge fan of the "antique" unlacquered look so didn't take the plunge. I'm wondering if they are good horns though though now so will ask forum members here about Antigua horns in a new thread.

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